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Carefully selected Wagyu beef lineup

Please order 96 hours(4 days) before delivery.

Meat Yamato Inc. assures premium quality meat

"Meat Yamato Inc." is a company pursuing premium quality.
We carefully select premium quality meat. Our thoroughly knowledgeable, experienced meat cutting technicians cut meat in the most suitable manner. Best cuts of premium quality meat are delivered to you.
"Meat Yamato Inc." sells Wagyu beef and pork in the domestic market. Our customers include fresh produce businesses, school lunch businesses, supermarket businesses and fine dining restaurants.
Recently, we started exporting meat to Hong Kong, expanding our business operations in multiple directions.
Our meat has simplified certificates issued by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and is safe to be delivered to other places.

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Available for customers who are traveling to Singapore only.

This item plan is prepared based on deregulation with Singapore. Please note that laws in other countries vary.

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